2 Types of Leader and Leader Character

    A.    Ordinary Leader

B.    Extraordinary Leader


1. Quitter Category People:
I.      Quitter sees difficulty that’s why he chose quit.
II.    Quitter fall down then he chose quit.
III.   When he saw not possible then he changes the way.
IV.   He cannot sustain.
V.    He is not meet for handling the difficulties.
VI.   He changes the Goal.

2. Fault Finder Category People:
I.      He will do analyze.
II.    He searches faults.
III.   He doesn’t search solution.
IV.   He thinks 99 bad situations.
V.    And He changes the goal.

3. Dabbler Category People:
I.      He is initial enthusiasm.
II.    This man high Energetic.
III.   You know what, when he came, he like as great enthusiasm & high energy but when he pull down more than 3-4 times he also quit.
IV.   And He also changes the goal.

4. Stressor Category People:
I.      He is great powerful people.
II.    His philosophy, Failure is not the option.
III.   When he fallen down he get back up.
IV.   He says, “I am not a looser, if I lost once”.
V.    He says, “I am not a failure, if I failed once”.
VI.  He will not cry, he try.


Master Category People:
I.       They are not percentage, they are numbers.
II.      He creates history.
III.    Differences of Stressor & Master: Stressor when he fall down he get run or Master when he fall down he get up and back one step, and  he said there is always a better way.
IV.    Stressor life is stress but Master life is strategy.
V.      Master says, “I am not failure either winning or learning”.
VI.    He will find out new way for goal.
VII.   He says, “There is a scope of improvement in me”.
VIII. If he fall down he never change the goal, he will change the strategy.